Wannabe be an Art Collector?

This is the post excerpt.


Not only am I an artist, but also a collector of art.  And you?  Maybe you’re not an artist, but you can be a collector.  I firmly believe that art should be affordable to everyone.  I, therefore, have created paintings that are in a broad range of prices.  Furthermore, I will be launching a campaign November 23, 2016 through my “Studio News” that even the most ardent penny-pincher can afford.

No doubt, you’re reluctant to make that first purchase.  You’re likely thinking art is expensive.  It can be.  I encourage you to watch a documentary about Herb and Dorothy who became collectors.  They lived in a small rent-controlled apartment in New York City. Herb worked for the United States Postal Service and Dorothy the New York City Public Library.  Early in their marriage, they decided to dedicate one of their paychecks each month to collect art.  They collected art by emerging artists before they became famous.  They amassed a collection worth over a million dollars, and finally donated it to the Smithsonian.  The documentary, “Herb and Dorothy,” is available on Netflix.  It’s worth a watch.

Rules for Wannabe Collectors:

  1. Start small like Herb & Dorothy, but you don’t have to spend an entire paycheck
  2. Browse art online to determine your favorite genre
  3. Attend Gallery openings, Gallery Strolls, Exhibits
  4. Start with a postcard-size original, a greeting card, anything on paper
  5. Collect only those pieces you like

As a collector, myself, I once purchased an abstract piece from a 5-year-old, Bella, for $2.  I also bought a painting for $5 from a vending machine in Vegas.  Over the years, I’ve been very selective and collected pieces for less than $100.  My all-time favorite and probably the most expensive was one my wife and I bought in Berlin, Germany (that’s another story itself).

Step outside your comfort zone.  By all means, have fun moving from “Wannabe” to “Collector.” It’s a journey that will bring you much joy.

Jerry Hardesty, Artist & Collector





Author: Jerry Hardesty Studio

I am an Abstract Expressionist Painter, living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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