“Loaded” in Berlin & Forgotten in Paris

Traveling in Europe, bought a painting in Berlin and forgot it in Paris.



“Loaded” by Matthew Broussard – 16×15.5 on Steel Plate

You may have read previously that not only am I an Artist, but also a Collector.  My wife and I visited many galleries while on our European trip.  In Berlin, we visited the deFreo Gallery and fell in love with a number of pieces there.  We were challenged with choosing  a piece.  We were able to talk with Matthew Broussard, the artist, who is an American living and working in Italy.  Broussard shared that his inspiration for “Loaded” was the fact that he “always felt as if he was pushing forward in life.”  That clinched it for me…  I too have felt that way.  The gallery director, Henrik, wrapped the painting with a handle to easily carry.


Henrik, and Pam & I – you can see

another of Broussard’s paintings

behind us

Loaded with our new purchase, we traveled to Amsterdam by train and from there to Paris.  Upon leaving Paris we were beginning our journey back to the States.  As we entered Charles DeGaulle Airport, my wife excitedly asked “where’s the painting?”  My response was “Oh sh–!”  I realized we had left it in the apartment we had rented.  There was no way to retrieve it as we had left the keys inside.  I called the manager who answered his cell phone while riding a scooter.  Who answers a phone on a scooter?  He asked I call back that afternoon which I did from our layover in Dublin.  Talk about a depressing travel day.  When we returned home and several calls later to the manager, we finally received “Loaded” a month later.  The manager never did charge us for the shipping.  We are so lucky and the story makes “Loaded” so much more valuable to us.


Apartment in Paris


Last night in Paris after a tour of the City

Author: Jerry Hardesty Studio

I am an Abstract Expressionist Painter, living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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