Painting the Quiddity Series

Developing a Painting Series



Quiddity, Acrylic & Resin, 24×24 on Panel

Quiddity:  “the quality that makes a thing what it is, the essential nature of a thing.”

Words…  fun words…  funny words…  interesting words…  unique words.  I fell in love with words many years ago in high school.  I studied Latin and Spanish.  In college, I studied Italian and German.  I can speak only short phrases in any of them.  When I give a painting a title, I look for an ambiguous word.  When I found “Quiddity,” I knew I had to use it for a painting.  Not only did I name the above piece “Quiddity,” but I also use the word for a series of five paintings, the “Quiddity” series.

In early 2016, I finished a series of daily 8×8 paintings and I call this series “MiniQuids.”  My goal was to complete 75 paintings in 75 days.  I exceeded that amount by twenty, and I sold over forty of these little jewels.


MiniQuid 47, 8×8

I followed the MiniQuid Series with 29 Paintings in 29 Days that I called the “Kwid” series. The paintings in this series are 10×10’s.


Kwid 23, 10×10

Finally, I recently began the “MaxiQuid” series which are 12×12 paintings.


MaxiQuid 1, Acrylic, 12×12


Author: Jerry Hardesty Studio

I am an Abstract Expressionist Painter, living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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