Juice from the Orange Dripped Down My Chin and Pooled at the Base of My Neck

Orange Was My Favorite Color… Not Anymore


Orange Was My Favorite Color… Not Anymore

It was “Orange Day”… the day the school lunch ladies served whole oranges. The lunchtime when my friends and I would have contests to see who could eat their orange without a drip. Laughter, followed by screams of delight, punctuated the air. I hate to let you down, but it ‘s an alternative fact. Gotcha!


I love the taste of oranges and carrots with a little salt. And orange yams with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Not together, but I suppose you figured that out. How about some orange sherbert or an orange cranberry muffin. Hmmmm. I’m salivating. Orange is my favorite color, especially Golden’s Pyrrole Orange (it’s an artist acrylic paint) when it is paired with Cobalt Blue.


On a hot summer day, an orange crush is pretty soothing. Now, instead of enjoying an orange crush, we are being crushed with orange cheeto dust as hot air is filled with orange alternative facts. I wonder if the Twitler will convince Trumpland that the flag is now red and orange? It’s one of those “Trumpits” (you know, one of those alternative facts he pulls out of his a–) that the Twitler tweets about under the light of an orange moon. And if you don’t agree, he’ll have a Trumpitantrum. Poor Twitler needs a lot of attention. As soon as he signs an executive order, he holds it up to the camera for Trumpland to see, “Look what I did. I signed my name with an orange crayon.”


I have to admit the day after election I was suffering from PTSD, that’s Post-Trump Stress Disorder, and Trumpophobia. Sorry Vets, I know it gives PTSD a bad rap. I didn’t turn on the TV all day and just drank wine… okay, it was red wine. I wonder if the orange grads from Trump University realize that the “rectoral college” is a bunch of jiggery-pokery a-holes (no pun intended, think about it) who need to go to their respective corners and have their mouths washed out with orange juice, peppered with cheeto dust.


Enough of poking fun at the Orange-Faced Twitler. I’ll wait until the orange moon comes out to see if I get any tweets @jehardesty. In the meantime, I believe I’ll have an orange, and paint an abstract with Pyrrole Orange.


*Note, I have to give credit to the Urban Dictionary for the trumpery as it’s just a whole lot of nonsensical cheeto dust.


Author: Jerry Hardesty Studio

I am an Abstract Expressionist Painter, living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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