Jerry Hardesty is a self-promoting professional artist.  However in 2006, when he began the transition from a corporate career to full-time artist, he found it difficult to introduce himself that way.  He loved his work as an artist and found that his skills and creativity were a natural fit.  As he progressed rapidly in this work, his self-confidence and stature as a professional became a comfortable part of his buoyant personality.  Now he proudly announces, “I am a full-time artist.”

Since then, Hardesty has moved on from painting representationally to nonobjective, lyrical abstracts.  His current work is based on experimentation with color and texture as it relates to common themes of music, health, and emotions.  Blending saturated colors and applying resin are his favorite techniques along with incorporating unique surfaces to produce textural depth and movement in his paintings.

Hardesty paints primarily on MDF panels or traditional canvas.  Recently he built a storage rack for his paintings in his studio/garage annex.  He is modest about his carpentry skills, though, and claims the rack only appears straight if you look at it with a tilted head.

Hardesty believes that being alone much of the time in childhood forced him to be creative, which prepared him for being a “loner” in the studio.  In fact, he relishes his “alone time.”  “Raspy sax and repetitive percussive beats of jazz” are his accompaniment as he expresses himself on canvas.