5 Advantages of Collecting Artwork

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As a child, can you remember when you wanted to collect something to be like an older sibling.  Collect what?  Certainly not the same as your sibling; furthermore he or she didn’t want you copycatting.  Yuck!  So, what?  Rocks? Stamps?  Cracker Jacks trinkets?  Hot wheels? Anything!

Collecting seems to be one of those activities that grows with us into adulthood.  Men collect ball caps and cars.  Women, cookbooks and jewelry.  As our tastes change and we mature, our interests evolve.  Personally, I love to collect books, but then I’m a reader.  As an artist, naturally, I want people to appreciate and collect original artwork (yes, I’m narcissistic, especially my artwork).  At this point, you might be defensive and state you cannot afford it.  I counter your defense.

Advantages of Collecting Original Artwork

  1. No one else will have a painting like it
  2. Art enhances life
  3. Without art, the Earth would just be “eh.”
  4. You may meet the artists
  5. You can boast you are an Art Collector

Art should be affordable to everyone.  This is precisely why I challenge myself to create a painting a day.  For the my most recent “Daily Painting Challenge,” I will be painting one small study for each day for sixty days.  I began the challenge with “postcard” size paintings and gradually increase the size.  Beginning price is $1; for each subsequent day, add another $1.  On day 60, the price for the painting is $60.  Since these works are on paper, you may frame them or display them on your refrigerator.


Daily Painting, Postcard Size, $1

Not only am I an Artist, but also a Collector.  I started small.  I once purchased an abstract watercolor from Bella, a five-year-old, for $2.  It’s one of my prized pieces.  I only hope my purchase encourages her to continue to develop her skills as an artist. I have collected other original pieces, most of which cost less than $100.  Being an abstract painter, I collect more abstract pieces than other genres.  You though should collect what you like.  There are many online galleries.  Google them.  Visit gallery openings.  You might be surprised at the bargains you find.

Enjoy the journey.

Jerry Hardesty